Monday, July 11, 2011

What makes a good architectural design? (V2)

Please ignore the post below. I did not understand my objective then.

1. Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is a performing arts venue whose idea was conceived by Danish Architect Jørn Utzon who won the Pritzker Prize, which is the highest honor an architect could receive. This building has also been named a UNESCO Heritage site and is one of the most famous performing arts centers in the world.

2. Madrid-Barajas Airport Terminal 4

Madrid Bajaras Airport's Terminal 4 was designed by Richard Rogers and Antonio Lamela who were the winning team of the 2006 IStructE Award for Commercial Structures, contructed the terminal on some specific criteria. It is designed to give passengers a stress free start to their journey, achieved by

• Careful use of illumination, with glass panes instead of walls
• Numerous domes in the roof which allow natural light to pass through, instead of standard fluorescent light (Something like Changi Airport's Terminal 3)

I think that the criteria that needs to be met to design a building is the following:

- Must be user friendly-Which means it must adapt to the needs of the people who will use the building. Designing an office building will not suit the needs for people who want to go to a hotel.
- Firm and Durable-Should last long, and and be able to function well without a lot of constant maintenance
- Aesthetically Appealing

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